Stone of Xangô researcher among the 10 finalists of the Itaú Mulher Program

The attorney and PhD Candidate at the School of Architecture and Urbanism/UFBA, Maria Alice Silva, was one of the 10 finalists of the Itaú Unibanco Women Entrepreneur + DIVER.SSA: Microbusiness acceleration program. The award includes financial and technical support from IFC – International Finance Corporation. The results came out Friday (12).

Author of the book “Stone of Xangô – an Afro-Brazilian sacred space in the city of Salvador, the writer competed with the project “Stone of Xangô: forces of nature”. The participation in the selection process was of great worth, for we had the opportunity to present the Stone of Xangô to Brazil and to the World, said Maria Alice Silva.

The researcher has been dedicated to the theme for 8 years, when she began her master’s thesis. The work contributed to giving visibility to the monument, that was lain forgotten by the State. As a result, the Stone of Xangô was listed as a City Heritage, there was the creation of the municipal Environmental Protection Area (APA) Vale do Assis Valente and the Network Park Stone of Xangô. Furthermore, it has been recognized to be a sacred natural site, designated as Geological Heritage of National Relevance by CPRM – Geological Survey of Brazil.

“I was very happy for having been one of the finalists of the Itaú Mulher Program. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to DIVER.SSA, to IFC, to Itaú Mulher and to the Women Entrepreneurs for all of the sharing. A special thanks to the research group EtniCidades – FAUFBA and to the Institute Coaching for always contributing to my professional and personal development. Congratulations to the winners: @culinariadeterreiro, @flordemaio, @faleafrofuturo, @zarinamodaafro, @c.furniturepallet. I’ll keep working to give the acknowledgement the Stone, the Sacred and the networks built around it deserve, envisions Maria Alice.

Stone of Xangô is a storyline, it’s a network.